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Lag So Bad We Traveled Back In Time


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While doing the so-called 10 minute survival alert on Venera, my comrades and I were subjected to relativistic time dilation. I can only suppose that the host's Liset drew too close to a black hole or bounced off the sun and was going close to the speed of light.  Our little 10 minute mission took over 20 minutes to complete.  Towards the end, time was moving at 1/6th normal.


What do I mean, you ask?  The survival timer would advance 1 second for every 6 seconds that passed in the real world.  It would move forward a second, then back two, then forward, then back then forward then back.  I've seen a lot of bugs and crashes in this game, but this was a first and I thought deserved sharing, if for no other reason than the therapeutic release I get to experience by sharing my agony.


First batch: note the survival timer compared to the timer on my first ability in the bottom right (which was not subject to time dilation)






Second batch: close to the end.  Time began to slow down further. Again note the survival timer compared to my first ability timer.





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