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Glitch With New Players Choosing Volt.


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So, my friend had wanted to play Volt and was sad when he couldn't get it before the most recent hotfix 14.0.11, so today I told him about the fix and he got back on, he chose Volt, and finished the prologue, you'd think it would be fine and dandy from then on? Nope. He got Loki instead, anyone at DE wanna fix that? :P

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volt is easy to get. just join a clan with the tenno lab and research done, then copy all the blueprints of stuff you need, then voila, build for minimum 3 and a half days, and you have Volt.


Also, if you had an account BEFORE U14, you won't get any equipment from the prologue mission. You must make an account AFTER U14 to get the frame and weapons.

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