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Selling Various Prime Parts, Mods, And More.

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What I want in return:



Kubrow Imprints (preferably Huras)

Rare Kubrow Mods

Loki Prime parts/bp

Bo Prime parts/bp

Stance and Aura mods

Contact via forums or PM:Afra0732







Prime Parts:


Braton Prime Stock

Bo Prime Ornament

Dakra Prime Blade

Boltor Prime Barrel (x2)

Ember Prime Helmet and Systems

Latron Prime bp (x2)

Latron Prime Barrel

Paris Prime Lower Limb and String

Reaper Prime bp

Sicarus Prime Barrel and Receiver


More to come








Burning Wasp

Coiling Viper

Hell's Chamber

Malignant Force


Pistol Pestilence (x2)

Shattering Storm

Steady Hands

Toxic Barrage

Vital Sense

Breeding Grounds Mod Set

Shimmering Blight

Clashing Forest


More to come





Avalon Excalibur Helmet

Hemlock Saryn Helmet



Kubrow Imprints:


Raksa Imprint (x2)

Huras Imprint

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