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I'm Invisible In The Chat, Apparently!


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I have been spamming the hell out of the Region chat, and apparently no one can see me.


I've done and said things in the chat that would normally warrant a kick from Kickbot, but I haven't even so much as gotten a shut up from someone.



It seems like I can say as many profanities as I'd like about whatever I want and suffer no ramifications from doing so. It's not about that. No point in taking advantage since no one will see it anyways, but the fact that no one sees what I'm typing IS a problem.


I was hosting an Orokin Derelict Defense for about fifteen minutes, and when I started no one else was hosting. A short five minutes later, three other people began inviting for ODD missions, and theirs were filling up and mine was dismally empty.


I falsely advertised for a Tower IV Survival (which, I always get spammed with), and not even a hi.


Kind of an important feature and I can't use it.



I figure either one, everyone really cannot see me, or two, everyone hates me now. The latter might be more likely, but lets not rule out the first possibility. :)

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im having a similar problem only im unable to connect to the chat servers at all, all i get is a little loading circle... Iv even uninstalled the game and re updated warframe completly and im still having the same problem, Very strange o.0

I wasn't able to whisper, either.


When I first entered the chats, the list of names on the right was blank except under the Clan and Alliance tabs. It eventually loaded, but the one under Design Council remained empty.

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