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Platinum Compensation


So I keep seeing these posts about Platinum compensation. I leveled my second Kubrow to 30 today and while scrolling through mine to grab the next, I saw that I had more Stasis Chambers.


Anyone else get more through that so-called "compensation"?

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If there is no official statement that has said players are going to receive additional stasis chambers, it most certainly not a purpose and is a bug. I, myself, have gotten no additional slots.


Not too long ago this bug appeared and took slots away from people as well as give some (I think someone got 12 extra slots) and Glen wrote a script to return all slots to original value. So I'd be careful what you do with slots that you didn't get legitimately.

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The stasis chambers are a glitch. If they decided to compensate us with them then they would have made an official statement.


Also some people didn't get any while others got 2-3 so, yeah.

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Uhh, first time I've heard about anyone getting compensation.

The players has been compensated once before this. We recieved 50 Platinum once because one update had a lot of bugs and there were tons on hotfixes.


-on topic-


It was given to us after they fixed the gamma issue. Some people got 1 some got 2 even 3


I got 1 and now I got a total of 4 so I am assuming that now all of us have 4 stasis slots.

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I got 3 stasis chamber out of nowhere. I assume it's a bug so I'm not using them unless DE says otherwise. I just bought a couple extra slots beyond the four needed for all four breeds to see if I can get a more interesting appearance for whatever breed I hatch.

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