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Dual Ether Mod Layout



Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if a similar is in existence, I tried to search for one but couldnt find it.

I am currently using Dual ethers with Maxed out Pressure point and Fury. Also I installed an Orokin Catalyst

No formas though but considering I have the ability to put formas as and when required, I wanted some help on installing appropriate Mods. I am using Excalibur warframe, gonna get Ash soon.

Also AFAIK theres must mods and mods that are specific to the 3 different factions. So if you can help me in that way it will be great.


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Well, I don't mean to insult your choice in weapons, but you may have wasted a potato(OC) on the Dual Ether. Now, if you really, really enjoy the weapon, it was a good idea, but saving the potato for a good primary may have been a better idea.


Now, as for a build, this is what I found on the wiki: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/User:DealerC/Dual_Ether_Melee_%26_Slide_Attack_Build_PC2.0_and_PS41.0

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