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Kubrow Temperaments


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So it's been a couple of days since I bred my last kubrow bringing me to currently 3 Huras all grey with green patches...




Seeing as players already have to deal with RNG when it comes to looks we should be able to choose our temperaments. I was thinking that when a puppy is born that it is a blank slate and when it matures you get a mini quest to train your kubrow like the mini defense mission for the collar. 


Taking it on a rescue/spy mission turns it into a Huras. A survival mission gets you a Sahasa. Defense mission gets you a Raska and a capture/ assassination mission gets you a Sunika.


Obligatory DE PLEZ rant:

DE PLEASE I spent hours looking for those eggs and I got the same temperament 3 times in a row. It is absolutely demoralizing absoulte BS! Worse yet I can't get rid of the extras and they all LOOK THE EXACT SAME! I've been playing since vauban release so I have enough resources to suck up my losses and try again but for the new players that are suffering the same fate; they can't do anything! They're powerless to RNG. It may be too late for me but others can be saved.


PS: ty for implementing my last suggestion for laser proof dogs in the void DE. 


UPDATE: I Have now achieved 4 blue huras kubrows with green patches.

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At least the Huras have a better idea of when to cloak you than Shade does


Huras: Oh look a group of enemies, might as well cloak.


Shade: Oh look your being swarmed by 30 enemies and your health is almost at 10%, maybe I'll cloak...



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OP has a good idea but it breaks lore as each kubrow is genetically that way not trained. Much like dog breeds are right now temperament is mostly due to genetics.

Sunika vs Jackal:



huras vs everything



Funny how this is true but I read huras are the best kubrows. 


Sunika Master Breed.


Lets make it a thing....maybe?

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When it comes to dogs, personality varies among individuals and their place in a family and the temperament is derived from their breed. Temperament in this case being how the dog feels inclined to react to certain situations, posture, playfulness, calmness, general energy levels and etc. Examples will be chihuahuas', terriers' and boxers' aggressive nature to other dogs, beagles' and foxhounds' tendency to bay instead of bark and rottweilers' stereotypical playful but alpha personality. These dogs were selectively bred for these traits and this behavior is often times independent of their personality. 


Kubrows are basically mutts right now. Within each of them they carry the 4 temperaments in their genetic code. I'm guessing Huras is a more feral cat like temperament that makes the dog more inclined to stalk their prey. Sahasas could be derived from an affinity to dig (which isn't uncommon for animals) and a love for pleasing their owner (much like Labradors). Sunikas are just a typical aggressive temperament and raskas are a loyal one. 


The thing here is that these aren't really temperaments these are jobs given to the dog BASED on their temperament. Like you wouldn't give your dog that likes to dig and please its master a cloaking device and call him a huras. 


EDIT: I just realized everything I said here contradicts my suggestion in the OP lorewise as theguy  said.

EDIT 2: we still need an option to choose. Lore breaking or not RNG is frustrating to deal with. If we can genetically influence their genes then we should be able to genetically influence their temperament. 

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