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Kubrows Are Luxury Items.


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Don't get me wrong. I like the Kubrows. Maybe not the way they have been implemented, but whatever.


There is no way a new player can maintain a kubrow without buying platinum. This may be the premise behind that but the costs still do hurt when you are in the mid game process, where every tiny bit of credit goes to crafting weapons and ranking up mods.


As a veteran, it gave me something to do, though.

However the Kubrow of a friend of mine seems to have vanished completely, because he couldn't log in for a while to put him into stasis (I assume it died). Sometimes real life can be a jerk.


What about reactors and forma if that's true? I mean, it's unneccessary unforgiving. Just put him to emergency stasis or something, where the poor thing can be recovered, maybe for some costs.


If I look at it as whole, with all the little rushable waiting here and there, for breeding, stasis regeneration, waiting for scans... It looks like a cash cow. Until now I thought, Warframe is very generous for a F2P.


I noticed something too: You don't see the Kubrow type when trading scans(or am I wrong?). I don't think they are valuable enough to promote scamming, but we all know, there are nasty evil people out there.


Do I think it needs to be changed? I don't know. Sentinels still seem to be a very good choice, because they are flexible, reliable, are flying aim bots, have all the sustain-mods available for each sentinel.

So Kubrows should be more than pets and really pack a punsh in later game for the costs.

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I'm mad it takes 3 hours to retreive them from stasis. I've barely been able to use the 2 kubrow I have so far because I have to wait so long for everything. Imprints take hours, retreiving from stasis takes hours, hatching takes days, maturation even longer. Not to mention having to log in all the time to make sure they don't die. On top of that, I still don't have a Bite mod despite days of farming with Nekros parties.

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Well, easy switching isn't one of the strengths of the kubrows.


I do Imprints at the end before logging out.

I could start the second one before going to work.


And when talking about work, I don't even recognize the growth time that much, because half the day is lost during week.


The stasis recovery time however really grinds my gears. It's the one that hurts the most in my opinion.


De doesn't make money with people paying for rushs... they make money with trading platinum. So I assume most of the time people don't rush. This "feature" just ticks off potential buyers, but I could be wrong.

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Wow, I never considered the loss of a reactor should your kubrow wither away. Thanks for giving me another reason to hate perma-death.

DE should implement a way to upgrade your kubrows so they don't wither away, but only after they have a reactor and have reached level 30 at least once. I can imagine some kind of cybernetic DNA stabilizer device.

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