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Sniper Rifles



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Vectis I believe according to some people but they're generally not worth it. Not a single situation where you actually need one since you can just run and gun around to your enemies and the farthest range you can get can be beaten by a bow. Unless DE made a few high level tilesets where you need one sure, and they did say they're gonna get buffed.

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Assuming the (current) sniper rifles are Vulkar, Vectis, and Lanka I'd bet that Vectis would be the one that most people enjoy using. It's scope isn't totally obtrusive with its magnification. Also, even though it has basically no magazine, the 1 bullet per 1 second reload is a little more accessible than a 4 second reload from the Snipetron/Vulkar. Also you can still reload while zooming for the Vectis.


It seems like some people consider Lanka to be more of a reskinned bow, so that turns off people I guess. (Also its charge time is kind of long).


Most people's quarrels with the Vulkar is that its reload time doesn't justify its damage, although its damage was recently buffed (125 to 145, but still less than Vectis's 175). Also Vulkar's damage is primarily impact which is considered to be the worst damage type, whereas Vectis has a healthier spread of Impact, Puncture, Slash.


I'd encourage anyone to try out all 3 if they could, but Vectis will probably give the best impression of sniper rifles. I love all 3, but I'm a gun hipster.


On Vectis, I'd personally say put Point Strike, Critical Delay, Serration, Multishot

                                                     Metal Auger, Charged Chamber (and primed if you have it), Elements


Depending on your preference, it may be better to switch Metal Auger with Vital Sense and an element with Hammer shot. But I really love lining up as many enemies as I can with 1 shot; the most satisfying thing about snipers to me.


Critical delay won't adversely affect the Vectis if you just remember to press reload when your magazine is empty (i.e. after each shot). I'd vote for Metal Auger over shred because Shred's fire rate won't help the Vectis. But if you don't want Metal Auger, just put another element or fast hands if you can't stand the reload.


Also, pie's pretty good.

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