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Kubrow Damage?


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how can i see what kinda dmage my kubrow dishes out?

it doesn't display it on the mods/stats page

only health/armor/sheild


i've got the 2 damage mods equiped on mine(maul/bite)

dont have them fully ranked yet

maul adds 180% dam

bite adds 120%crit chance, 80%crit dam


would be nice to know how much it buffs him up, and also so mods can be ajusted when needed

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In term of damage its not significant just like the sentiels  i would still rather carry a carrier sentinel vs anything else.  Though the sentinel is still bug and stuck at rank 0 dispite having max rank.

a Sentinel, last I checked, can't 1-shot anything. Meanwhile, Kubrows I've seen can 1-shot up to Mars with ease, and I don't play much further than that in a party.

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