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Crazy Crashing Since V14.0.11 Update


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Have been playing .0.9 and .0.10 perfectly fine, but since .0.11 has gone on the game's stability has gone through the floor.

- exiting the arsenal can take ages and crash the game (click exit, wait .. wait .. wait .. sometimes it comes back sometimes it doesn't)

- starting missions can crash during the load screen when there's normally a slight animation pause (this is on a solo / private game with no other players)

- crashing in the navigation menu when your not actually doing anything .. (first time this has ever happened ?!!?)

- .. and crashing during the game for what seems like no reason (just doing what I've done for the past 200 or so game hours).


Also there may be some sort of glitch in the Jupiter textures as certain rooms have started pausing the game when your turning around. 


Had  a few kick-backs to an empty login screen but mostly the game screen goes grey, and have to alt-tab out and close the application. 


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And nothing but a black screen post-mission seems to be new (or else far more frequent).


Also reward screens not showing; screen greys out as though the reward screen should be showing, but it doesn't, can't exit and have to alt+f4.

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It's been crashing non stop, my hubby's pc even copped a blue screen from it (nothing else was running) Only managed to do 2 missions all day! Another that crashed at the end, another crashed at the start, another 3 times did black screen trying to get into a mission. 


Oh... and Esc isn't working 90% of the time (not an exaggeration - surprised if it DOES work)


Giving up playing until there's a stabilising update

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