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Combo Moves Discovered


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Update 8 and a look back

Welcome to this thread, take your time and come back from time to time and hone your skills, boost your knowledge to become the perfect killing machine!

This thread focuses on the buttons you have to press to do all kinds of moves. Some are harder, some are easier to perform, remember:

Practice makes perfect!

HOTHOTHOT: Check Wallwalk section for the vertical connect!



1. Basic Combos

2. Stealth kill and downed enemies

3. Advanced Combos
4. Wallwalking + advanced wallwalking

5. Power "Combos" (stuff that synergizes with other things)


Jump= Spacebar
Melee= E
Crouch= Ctrl
Sprint= Shift
Aim= RMB (Right Mouse Button)
Move= WSAD
Roll= Move+tap Sprint
Block= Mouse Button 4 (concider remapping)

+ = "and" (push 2 or more buttons together)
> = followed by ... (sequential activation)
>>=immediatly followed by
# = connection point (Combo your Combos!)
* = *x* just happend, i.e. you hit the floor etc.


Base Combos
Sprint>Crouch= Slide
Slide>Jump= Forward Flip (in direction of slide)

Jump>Melee= Devastating downward Strike (a.k.a. Death from above)
- 10-100% melee dmg, seems to be related to drop height

Slide>Melee= Dash 360° Hit with swords, Big weapons and Bo staff, Furax will do uppercut
- 200-300% melee dmg depending on weapon, scales with melee dmg mods!

You can do it twice now, just keep crouch pressed and tap melee once more; Confirmed for most weapons

Stealth Kill:
Sneak up to your enemy until "Sneak Attack" pops up, then simply tap melee and you will perform a unique maneuver for each weapon, what a pleasure to the eye!

Attack downed enemies:
Walk up close to them, focus them with your crosshair, then simply press melee to perform another unique attack.

Advanced Combos
Slide>Jump>Melee= Forward Flip to Downward Strike (doesnt deal more damage, but looks cool and has a slightly longer range than the normal jump; hard to aim at first)

Sprint>Jump>Crouch=Air Slide# A.K.A "Dragon Kick" (combine to your likes) knocks back enemies while airborne

#Air Slide>Melee= Dragon Kick to Dash 360° or uppercut

#Air Slide>*sliding floor contact*>Jump(>melee)= Forward Flip (to Downward Strike) [jeez what a range!!11]

#Air Slide>Jump>RMB= Extended Forward Flip

#Air Slide>*Sliding floor contact*>Jump>Crouch= Airslide 2

Charge Melee>Sprint*Strike*>Slide>Melee=Double-Hit
(Hard to aim but looks kinda cool! Learning the distance when to start Charging your melee is key to this combo)

Jump > Melee >> Shift Twice (after you hit the ground)
(This cuts out a lot of the delay you get from this attack)

Try those vs Toxic ancients and Infested Bosses:

Melee>>Sprint>>Sprint= Rolling Melee
Charge Melee>>Sprint>>Sprint=Charged melee Roll
RMB+Move Back>Melee>>Sprint>>Sprint
Charge Melee+RMB+Move Back>>Sprint>>Sprint

Other Moves
Hold RMB>+Move+tap Sprint = Backflip or Sideflip

WSAD+Jump>RMB*fire away* = Aiming jump, like in Matrix or Max Payne (Get your Akimbo Pistols ;D)

Note: you will keep wallwalking as long as you press the jump and movement key or you run out of stamina.

Sprint>Jump (Running straight to a wall)=Vertical Wallwallk/ Wallclimb

Keep Jump pressed after reaching the peak altitude= slowly sliding down from max altitude

Sprint>Jump = Wallwalk to Jump on release of Jump button (Running/ jumping at an angle to a wall not exceeding 45°)

Wallwalk>Release Jump> Wallwalk = Connect!
(Make sure to move your camera to the appropriate angle for the next wall to keep running)

Wallwalk>crouch=cancel (Jump removed as of 6.5)

Horizontal Wallwalk>release Jump= Walljump
(high range and altitude jumps, make sure that you are wallwalking before you release the jump key, you only need a piece of wall the size of a coin to do this)

Vert.Wallwalk>Release Jump= Backflip
Vert.Wallwalk>Release Jump>*backflip*>Crouch=Frontflip (regardless of camera position)

any.Wallwalk>Shift>>Shift>release Jump=Wallwalk roll (said to allow you to jump over certain ledges)
performed from a horizontal wallwalk you will do a really quick forward flip jump

Horizontal wallwalk to grab:
Horizontal-WW>Release Jump>>Crouch=grab ledge above you

Vert.Wallwalk>Release Jump+Release Sprint>Jump+Sprint= Vertical connect!
Make Sure to look to the next wall in the right angle! you can do a new Vert or go horiz from there!

Wallwalk + Melee = Dash Strike -dmg ~10-100% melee dmg
(also works while sliding down the wall)

hit to your right side with swords, straight ahead with furax, other weaps will do their slide dash
While wallwalking, simply press melee additionally to the keys youre pressing. The frame will launch itself into your crosshairs direction. Make sure to aim left of your target when using sword. Takes a lot of practice to perform it fluently and with success.

In fact it is possible to wallwalk around corners, you just have to press jump again after you jumped on your first wall. Sometimes youll get the Backflip walljump instead, angle of attack is everything!
See this awesome thread
https://forums.warfr...enno-for-tenno/ for further info on wallwalking


Power Combos:




Excaliburs Jump and Dash work under so many circumstances extremely well and are incredibly efficient for getting around


Superjump > Slashdash = Extra Range, flying over obstacles and enemies

Sprint+Superjump>crouch = extended Range Superjump, distance gain is roughly 30% i would say. combine that with Slash Dash and youre on the other end of the room

any Wallwalk + Slash Dash/ Superjump / Superjump>Slash Dash = Sick range, weird angles, get anywhere asap to kill stuff or revive your dead friend


try practicing jumping one way and dash into the other to get to a place you could not reach otherwise, work on your timing and aiming for the slash dash




Teslas stick to everything, even Frames and Sentinels


//Teamplay Combos:


Frosts Globe + Embers Ring of Fire = Slow + DoT is a real Xini winner



other usefull information:

You can slide down ramps for extended slide range
You can interrupt your wallwalk by pressing crouch, it will propel you a bit further skyward and allows you to change directions (grab ledge to the side etc.)

edit: Furax uppercut for the slide attack, note on dodging
edit: added Wallwalking
edit: structure and wallwalk strike
edit:update 6.3 changes
edit: basic rework yet again, tweaking here and there, stuff..., included WW to frontflip and Horiz.WW to grab, removed interrupt
edit: update 6.4, new rolls and flips thx to smith0rz
edit: added vertical connect
edit: Update 7, Changes are Fat!

edit: Update 8, old things (after the reset i finally got excalibur, love him! hang in there Ashbro...)

Keep going, this cant be everything!

See you in space, cowboy!

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you can do this one "#Slide Landing>Melee" in two different ways.

1. Sprint > Jump > Crouch > Mele (in mid air) = flying mele spin attack

2. Sprint > Jump > Crouch > Mele (on the ground) = sliding mele spin, just like Sprint > Crouch > Mele, but with a jump first.

also you can press Mele+RMB in mid air to get a flying mele spin attack that lands in a roll.

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you can do this one "#Slide Landing>Melee" in two different ways.

1. Sprint > Jump > Crouch > Mele (in mid air) = flying mele spin attack

2. Sprint > Jump > Crouch > Mele (on the ground) = sliding mele spin, just like Sprint > Crouch > Mele, but with a jump first.

also you can press Mele+RMB in mid air to get a flying mele spin attack that lands in a roll.

Not sure if bug or feature, i managed to get the spin attack and the downward strike going off right after each other, was practicing those moves and by accident i hit a wall and did the downward strike in mid air, and the downward strike right when the spin animation was over.

See you in Space, Cowboy!

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rest assured, in times of double, triple and quadra posts, copied guides and internez, there will be at least one post stating the very same thing without mentioning who created it in the first place.

Youre making me curious, tell mee plox :>

See you in space, Cowboy

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Sprint forward, quick crouch (slight tap) and then immidiately jump, makes you do forward somersault that is a little higher than the normal jump and further.

There is aso a timing where you can jump just off the ground as well as one where you do a low somersault just off the ground. I haven't exactly narrowed either one down to a science though.

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Advanced Combo:

Slashshot: Charge your melee and as soon as its about to finish charging, shoot your gun and the bullet will come off as well as the charged melee swing right after.

Best used with a shotgun.

There is a few more but I'm trying to figure out how to explain them atm.

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It works well as a two-hitter and comes out very fast. Basically, you release a charged swing while sliding then cancel the sliding roundhouse from the charged hit. Hard to land and time at first, but useful.

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