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Raksa Kubrow Powers


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I've been using the Raksa Kubrow for awhile now but its purpose has been lacking considering what it was designed for and the cost of maintenance.




The problem

In the description it states the kubrow capable of making enemies paralyzed with fear when they actually just run away. Now this is important because this just makes it harder not just for me but more importantly the kubrow. The Raksa kubrow in specific doesn't have any ability allowing for a attack to be used (I.E Savagery/Ferocity/Hunt) in which case will make the Raksa run down a enemy until the ability finally wears off and accomplishes nothing but a flock of enemies returning to attack. Now the power seems like a poor mans terrify consider it doesn't decrease enemy armor either making this power useless unless in very specific situations.


The Solution

Now my proposal would be make howl into a AoE stun like Excalibur's blind ability. This will carry out its purpose in protecting the user and allowing the kubrow and owner to attack enemies or escape from them. This allows it not to become a chase until the enemy attacks back but also effectively takes them out temporarily before hand ensuring the purpose of a guard dog.




The problem

On a lesser note, protect is a very poor choice of a power for a kubrow considering it is a standard ability for anyone who has a sentinel and in which case sentinels have a specific ability that set them apart to begin with. This ability is useless and I tested it on lower ranked missions ( fully modded) to see if it can effectively defend me with grunts and to see if it can provide enough shields for me during a fire fight. The results didn't make a difference considering the usual grineer heavy gunner/napalm outputs more damage than your shields can regenerate. The common grineer lancer can fire many rounds and proc bleed which bypass shields effectively, infested easily bypass shields with toxic damage and disruptors will outright remove them completely anyways, leaving corpus the only worry are Techman which are very capable of striping shields into nothing within only seconds of firing.


The Solution maybe?

Now I don't know what would be better replacement for that power I could make a suggestion of a CC protection buff that makes the owner protected by knockdown/bleed/etc and other forms of crowd control for a set time. As tested before on lower grineer missions this power doesn't do very much to provide any form of protection. The purpose is to make this power stand out from being the common sentinel guardian mod that every sentinel can use and especially making the Raksa effective at protecting his or hers owner from harm.



Howl: Cheap terrify, Raksa can't hit anything that is running from it and makes enemies a harder target.

Protection: No different from the Guardian mod and not noticeably more effective with any rank of enemies.

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