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... i hosted one (attacking) conflict today, in first second i joined i was alone, without opponents or team mates, then in first 5 seconds joined (saw in chat) two opponents ASH'es ( in these 5 seconds i was only in the half way, between the spawn and button A ). Then i saw first specters coming out from from the gates and i tried to kill one... but guess what: then in two seconds came one invicible ash killed me with one shuriken...


All this F^$!N story happened in first ( + - 20 ) seconds of the gameplay.

What is this ? Some kinda joke ? Or what ? No one have to LVL up ?

I'm playing Conflicts every day.


PS. ...not my native language...

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Yup, Ash kicked my a$$ more than a few times in conflicts, but I managed to somewhat restore some dignity by bringing my own Ash to battle. Ash or any other frame being OP is not my concern, though. I saw frames I wouldn't think of bringing to the battle, but they were doing a good job. IMO it's not the frame, it's the player. Even so, the warframes will be tweaked to balance the game, just give it time.

From my point of view, conflicts still have matching problems, it's almost impossible to join a match. Sometimes I find myself defending when I click support for the attacking team, most times after accepting a mission, nothing happens.

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