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Changing Equipment Before Starting A Mission


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i was about to start a mobile defense mission and decided to change my warframe. instead of pushing esc (cancelling current mission choice) i pushed that tiny button near my tiny portrait on upper left of the screen which opened up menu while keeping mission choice. after i changed my frame/weapons etc. i've stuck into this




game allowed me to do nothing (other than pressing T for chat messages) after this point so i had to alt+f4

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I think it's that persistent Deploy Extractor button that "freezes" the UI. It's supposed to show up only on the Navigation screen, but sometimes it just stays there even if you get out of the screen.


It happened to me a few times, too, even before DDoS attacks. I can only press T to bring up the chat, but WASD doesn't work. Alt+F4 or ending the warframe process in Task Manager is the only way to get out of this bug AFAIK.

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