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If You Could Control A Warframe For A Day, And Make Them Do Anything You Wanted, Who Would It Be And What Would You Do?


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Hahaha, Nyx, mind-control the first hottie I come across and have the greatest day of my life.


Also I'd probably finish off the day with Nyx herself slipping out of that armor. Disfigured or horrific or whatever...she's still a woman, so it counts.


Yes I'm a D.O.B. (dirty ol' bastard)

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I'd grab Trinity and cure cancer, bring world peace and feed hungry ethiopians. Fluffy kittens and pink flowers for everyone!


Actually I'd still get Trinity and exploit rich sick people and get rich myself while curing them. Win win :P plus there's a nice boiled lobster dinner at the end. MMMMHH~!


I could alternatively use her bless and energy vampire, and start a new religion, what could go wrong.

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I would use Nova, and use MP to destroy China, then force the USA to conceive to my demands. >:) Then i would start a Nuclear war with USA and Russia.


Then after 500 years return.


Start a religion, use that religion to destroy the new civilization.


Then, i would blow up the world with AMD. 

Alternatively use Ember to do the exact same thing.

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