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Vram Memory Leak / Lag Spike In Dx9


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I've been having the same problems everyone has been having, even though you guys are already patching it I'd like to provide some details on my end, maybe it'll help.


OS: Win 7 64-bit

CPU: AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core 2.5 GHz


RAM: 8GB DDR2 Dual-Channel


I first started playing the game with all the default graphic settings on until my fps started to valley. I turned off about half the settings, restarted the game and it was working fine again, until it started happening again, so I disabled the remainder of the settings and it's still been happeneing. Seems to be random for me, can't really pin-point a specific thing or event that causes the leak.


Hope this helped, and thanks for this awesome game!

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This lag isn't easy to track, as moving to windowed mode may have fixed it as well, but does return when you're back in fullscreen.

Im almost convinced its an issue with full screen mode, every time I use it i get frequent crashes but my whole pc will just freeze up with horrible static sounds down the earphones. If i run in window mode I can play for a good few days without a single crash. Ive mentioned this a couple times now on the forums. Dont even need to be in game ie looking in artifacts game will crash with the same symptoms.


I dont have the option to use physics either =o but given the fact it crashes even on the game menu It cant be physics.


ive been using full screen all day today and so far my pc has froze up 5 times, its getting very anoying having to play on 1024x768 (1280x wide) just to avoid these crashes.So why bother playing in fs, to check the consistency and 5 times in a single day is a lot.


Please allow the launcher to detect crashes "on next startup" and not when it crashes to the desktop as my pc gets frozen up there is no log to send so your missing vital information from players in my position, I looked in the folders they dont save either =/


I hope you guys the best in fixing crashes and look forward to some patches.

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We are still in the process of investigating this issue. It looks like one potential cause has been patched up, however the underlying issue still remains. For those running in DX9 and are still experiencing the 5-10FPS drop, may I ask what makes you suspect that it is GPU ram that is leaking? Is there some sort of tool that you are using that leads you to this conclusion? Thanks.

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