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Master Theif Borked?


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Ok I had my self and two of my clan on a mission and I had master theif and they had thier dogs bouth with Scavanger.  I would go up to lockers and try for unlocks and would hear the noise and see the smoke for the unlock but the locker would not unlock or turn green?  Then I would be walking buy other lockers or one of the two of them would and we would pres x to open a locker and the red locked next to them locker would randomly just open as well as the green locker.  Or I would walk up to another set of lockers and poof all red and all opened though no sound no smoke just opened and still red.

Today by my self a similar thing happened.  This I could take screen shots of It was just what the?  I would go up to a locker again with master their on hear the unlock noise and see the smoke and the open animatin but this would happen.  Some would oppen normaly and other would stay closed,   All three pictures are in the same room.

My rhino


My rhion again


And again


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