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Many Thing Must Be Changed


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sry for fool english ;D





0. All


- I think cancel button and confirm button have red and green color.


- Most of window is too close or wide. warframe disturb it.




1. Arsenal


- Title and Loadout font color is white. very weak and hard to read it. There are too much backlight.


- Equipment window show 3 column line. Why they halved? I think its 5 column before hotfix.


- All kubrow have same Icon with low quality (sentinel high;)


- consumables have old skin and too high position.




2. Foundry


- I want to see number of blueprint I have


- Some of long component name lost (like Ankyros prime Gau...)


- Component window do not show over 999,999




3. Mod


- More row line.. more than 3 line!





4. Codex.Mods


- Sort by Rank does not separate Mastered and Not. 





5. Codex.Companion


- burst laser duplicated





6. Market


- Hologram of Market have small font size.





7. Navigation


- All planet have same size. cannot distinguish it fast.


- Mark above the planet (Invasion, Extractor) have white font color. uneasy to see.


- Too many mark (4 extractor + more then 2 Invasion + more then 1 Alert) on the navigation


- Grineer Invasion and Nightmare have almost same red color.









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