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Bleed Proc Nerf/removal


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Ok, I know this has been talked about multiple times on here and quite frankly, I don't feel like writing an entire books length of a post just to explain what is happening here.


So lately I have been on more and doing alerts, most of which consist of Grineer for me, and have been keeping a bit of a close eye on the bleed proc we all know in love. Then I noticed something... I was doing a 18-21 level run with a Nyx that had 703 Shields and 660 Health I was shot by a Ballista and with just one shot, there was the proc that lasted 7 seconds and killed me in 6.


This bleed proc was doing approximately 100 damage straight to my health per second just from one shot. Doesn't really seem fair and though we keep talking about this it seems that DE continues to ignore this issue from what I can tell. Can we please get a change on this matter?

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