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Selling Arcane Helmets

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Hey guys!


Like it's said above I'm selling some arcane Helmets. Here is the Stock:


   - Aura           (Trinity)

   - Aurora        (Frost)

   - Avalon        (Excalibur)

   - Chorus       (Banshee)

   - Coil            (Mag)

   - Esprit         (Vauban)  -  Sold!

   - Flux            (Nova)

   - Locust        (Ash)

   - Meridian     (Trinity)

   - Pendragon (Excalibur)

   - Pulse          (Volt)

   - Reverb       (Banshee)

   - Squall         (Frost)

   - Storm          (Volt)


If you're interested in anything listed above contact me in-game (jamessnake) or if not available, post in this Topic.

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