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Dojo Does Not Display All Rooms In The Same Level On The Map


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Had this problem since the start but only just decided to post it.


Basically, if you have two sections on the same level that are connected through the floor above or underneath, the map doesn't extend far enough, so you can't see anything from the other section, despite it being right next to where you are.


Example here, I drew on the general layout as it's very hard to see if you can't rotate it. (as to the plan, it's still work in progress and I need to fit the observatory in somewhere, but I quite like everything being split onto floors, also the engine room thing is obviously not going to happen)




I haven't yet had a chance to try if things will still count as a dead end, I presume they will, but I won't complain if not haha, I'd have a dimension changing dojo :P

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