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Lost Over 4 Hours Of Play Due To Log-Off Error!


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I was playing Neptune / Laomedia trying to get Gleaming Talon last night. I found a good camping / spawn area and I stayed there for over 4 hours making the enemies respawn, hoping that Gleaming Talon would drop! At approx. 4:30am, I stopped and headed to extraction.  The mission finished and after the "ship flying" loading screen I was welcomed to the login! I checked my inventory to see if I had gained any of the mods I could remember - NOTHING! I distinctly saw a Gnashing Papaya, for example - not there (I had a massive amount of mods and resources from that mission - all gone). I wasted over 4 hours of play time!


I made a support ticket about this - in the meantime I'd also like it documented here.

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