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Dark Sector Conflicts From An Attacker-Only Pov


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First, I wasnt able to join any matches for defenders, dont know why.


Now, I will be honest an say that or I have the wrost luck in matchmaking or I'm doing something VERY wrong.


90% of the matches I entered was in those conditions:


1) The number of tickets was under 7

2) The moment I spawned the team was being spawncamped with Snowglobe or Bastille in the very place we spawn

3) Pull/Shuriken spam, nuff said

4) Being hit by Acrid/Penta/Ogris usually by a solid "Mirage"

5) Stun-locked by quick attacks (it would make sense if it was a Heavy weapon, but even the Daggers seems to be able to stunlock us)

6) The enemies (AI) are way too leveled up by the time you enter, it makes that the attackers cant just rush in, they have to take out the enemies little by little and worry about the players as well. And even outside where they are low level we cant focus on them, the enemy player IS the larger threat and we will focus on them, not the AI, so leveling is difficult.

7) Host Mitigation........ OMG! HOST MITIGATION!!! We just stop moving and become easy pickings for the defenders and our ticket ammount goes down while we load! There was this one time the consoles in the outside were not able to be armed after a Host Mitigation, but this is for the bugs section (I guess)


This is the area where Attackers spawn in the outside, and I wonder if we can have a barrier where can have the spawn protection, of cource if we could be unable to shot out of there, or we could, idk at this point a spawn protected are WILL be nice, like the barriers the defenders come from, we cant get it, but they cant shot out, just reverse this: They cant shot in, we cant shot out and they cant get in but we can get in/out..... what's with this in and out talk, take your minds off the gutter you pervs, you are starting to remind me of myself.






The rest 10% is where I'm having fun, with me jumping around with a sense of hurry and my opponent not using what is considered a "Cheap" weapon, taking small shots at each another and just playing smart.


Anything else we can add here?

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The Defenders doors, particularly the second need to be moved back very slightly and the AI for both teams need a significant damage boost vs the other AI, in order to make the battle flow more. It is understandable they can't do much vs players, but all enemies have significantly more health than most Tenno and so need some specific tweaking.


Additionally, either players (both teams) need to start with some energy, or have some regeneration while in the spawn areas. The life-support-recycled energy dispensers are a major problem with the flow of the game, filling to full too quickly but in far too small an area.

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In my opinion it is incredibly easy to win as attacker and almost impossible to defend. Well, that's assuming you start at the very beginning and alone. I jump in and sprint to the first terminal and have it down before anyone on the other team can respond. Then grind a few levels before pushing for B. Stage 2 is pretty easy regardless of the room. Once you get to the core, all you have to do is poke it a bit. If you have an even slightly competent teammate it should be no problem.


The problem you (and everyone else) has with this is when you spawn into an attack in progress. Yeah, if that happens and the match was started by noobs, your tickets are gonna disappear before you know it. 

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I think we should get more revive if we complete objective


For example:


After the first 2 objective done you get + 5 revive, but the revive cap is still 20.


IMO the first 2 objectives are the hardest so it should be a bit more rewarding.

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The stunlock is ridiculous in Dark Sectors, when downed you aren`t even capable of reloading your sidearms or even capable of releasing a single shot at the spammer mashing E on you.

I was on the defending side and we were losing badly, untill some guy reminded of us of the stunlock. At that time I had a whip equiped which made the enemy unable to react on my attacks, totally uncapable of doing anything other than wait it out till they died.

I even beat 2 Rhino`s with Iron skin activated and we won easily after jsut spamming E on our opponents which are absolute nonsense.


Dark Sectors need a LOT of work, because right now it`s an unbalanced stun lock battle.

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