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How To Get A Badge



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Wrong section. Also, Clan and Alliance badges are paid with plat (40p each I think). Event Badges are obtain through participating in the Events. Founders Badges are no longer available.


like ur badge wat u do to get it explain to me how plz

That's the Founders Badge.

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right clan emblem = pay plat and become part of clan
right event badge,like breeding ground just end not too long,get some point in that game get reward a event badge,some rare badge like skull 1 is top kill event in 1 year-.-
i knw i always wear that skull on my left hand...

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Go to your frame in your Arsenal -> Apperance. There's a place where you can put on the badge (has to be paid for of you're looking a the clan one).

Event badges are given to those who participated in certain events that are run during a particular time. Last event for PC was Breeding Grounds and PS4 was Spectors of Liberty.

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wat event is tht

Literally any of them.

They all offer their own unique badges to commemorate your participation in them.


lol thats a founders badge....

and please dont ask for them to re-release founders again... you'll be in for a world of hate if you do.


I'm already primed to start...

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going to be that guy, why would you be in a world of hate?


Because the founder's program ended last year and the game has been "founded" already.  You can't re-found something that's been founded.


BUT...  If you were to say make a thread asking for new kinds of forum badges that are purchasable cosmetics there would be no problem.


If you search for "bring back founders program" "re-release founders program" you'll see that there are hundreds if not thousands of threads asking for something that was available only for a limited time to be released again.

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