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Crashes Are Getting Worse



Hello guys, i really really need help with crashes, after playing a mission, doesnt matter what mission, it kicks my out of the game and says that the game session is no longer available. am i the only one with this problem or are more guys getting these issues?


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Sometimes I'll finish a mission and my game will get stuck on the black screen before you arrive back in your ship. I have to alt + F4 or force quit in that case. When that happens, I'll sometimes keep my exp + items, and sometimes I'll lose it all. Very annoying. I'm already wasting my time by playing a video game, and the game rendering all of my work for naught just confirms that sad reality.


I've been thinking U14 has been released way too early due to all the bugs and ongoing crashes that are continually reported by the users.


Unfortunately, that is every update. U14 just seems to be worse when it comes to a lack of bugtesting.

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