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U14 Opinion On Kubrows N Ect.


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Well even with terrible packet loss happening and crashes I've managed to play U14.((I have a TL&DR summary at bottom))


Here is my opinion on ze kubrows: useless.

Ok maybe I should elaborate that.

First lets start with how it looks. My kubrow is a thin, big eared raksa, it looked quite cool, mainly white with slight gray colouring on arse, back n belly. of course there was the colouring patch and that ruined it because now the enny slight gray became gray, now it looks ugly as hell. Can I get some hair dyes and make it all white please?!


Oh well but my warframes look a lot better now after the colour patch so I don't mind.


Usefulness? difficult to say. Well after looking at the different types of kubrow I found the I got raksa would give me the most benefit.


Huras seemed like just another shade sentinel.


Sahasa re-supply sounds useful... but I have Med. team restores and have the X10 packs so I can get ammo any bloody time, so that one seemed pretty pointless.


Sunika seem to be only be useful for capture missions, wiki says it works on some bosses as well but I've never thought "gee I wish I could stun this Ruk or Salad or ect." I have thought I wish I could slow this lephantis but I doubt a lil puppy is going to stop a leviathan.


Raksa seemed the best then. Fear and shield restore. Watching enemies run around like headless chickens with a kubrow snapping at their heels is hilarious and useful(their not shooting at you and no longer in cover) And Shield restore! Brilliant! I still don't have Guardian mod so this is really good, right? no. I'll tell you why. My frost has 960 shields, I get a small hit and lose 30 shields, instantly !bam! the kubrow restores it to 960, now I'm still getting shot at and quickly hemorrhage shield and eventually lose half my health(bout 330/660) when I jump into cover to restore shields it slowly regenerates by itself to 900 and ONLY THEN does the kubrow come to restore shields.


Oh gee pthanks for teh 60 sheellds doggy!


I've tried upgrading the mod but It hasn't changed anything. I don't even know how much shields it can restore because it ONLY RESTORES SHIELDS WHEN I HAVE +90%




So all its useful for is getting shot at and doing fear on enemies then running after them nipping at the air, doing nothing to them.


I have a wyrm prime, it has a kickass laser rifle P. it has helped me more than the mutt. And its a much better looking fashion accessory.


OK! Now player ships. awesome! Mainly becuse I can have a moment to oggle my warframe n hop all about the ship while I wait for missions or Towers from the clan. Nice. something to do while I wait. New mission loading and intro are cool also.


Mirage? Don't have her. Don't want her. why? Vvvery squishy. Not enough reason? Ok then. Its flashy! from what I've seen on youtube I think I'll avoid it to prevent any epileptic fits form the lights. unless someone knows how to make it more friendly for me? I know switching most energy colours to black make them dissapear (really helped with frost snow globe), will it work for her as well?


Sword n board! YAY! Nice weapon(lacking a bit damage but not bad) and hope we'll see more board n sword in warframe.



Here is summary

Kubrows suck

Mirage= fits, lotta lights, no touch or get anytime soon, Possible to turn off lights using energy colour set to black?

Player ships: YAY!

Everything else: YAY!

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Yeah Kubrows kinda...suck. Lots of work, lots of money, lots of maintenance, and lots of luck, just to get something that's less helpful than a sentinel. The only thing Kubrows have going for them is...they're space-dogs. And that's enough for some people.


Mirage is fine as a glass-jawed caster, and her doppelganger glitch makes here the great destructacator until they fix it.


UI just needs some tweaks and fixing to get back to it's previous level of usability.

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