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Melee Not Working In Dojo, Valkyr Nerfed In Dojo?


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I've noticed 2 thing when ive been duelling in the dojo... 


1. Melee in dojo doesn't work and i'm unable to get damage across to my opponents (occurred with bo prime and obex) The only thing I can do with my melee is do a ground slam and know them onto their backs.


2. My valkyr's hysteria in mission has a duration for 20-30 seconds, when I duel it 5 seconds. I doubled checked on my build and it is the same thing i always use, is this a nerf in dojo or bug?



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  • Reduced the duration of Valkyr's Hysteria in Dark Sector conflicts.


Tbh i have loved this nerf so much, cause in dark sectors it was a tad ridiculous, im just waiting for all the valkyr fans to hunt me down now :3

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