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All New Primary Weapon Accessories


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Hi my idea is that we have new weapon accessories just for select primary weapon for various of reason...


My idea is that these new accessories can grant a side ability to your weapon, ex. there could be one that allows you to melee with your weapon, or have a one time use grenade launcher etc. 


This should also have a type of nerf and should not be able to be modded for its kind of like an arcane helmet. This will allow us players to have a unique feature to our weapons. 


An example i thought of is for the bolter prime, you could add an attachment that was a blade that would go at the bottom, and every time you press your melee button it uses the bolter prime instead of your actual melee weapon. And as a debuff more recoil or something reasonable. The blade should do more damage then the equipped melees weapon's damage and it should have a very small range. Its purpose is for short range but power hit for enemies in your path


Hope you play around with idea and make something even more cooler XD




- Dark_Entity



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maybe if we actually had a dedicated alt-fire button (but its mostly zoom for almost all weapons)


but honestly, why would an improvised bayonet or butt-stroke do MORE dmg than my space katana? srsly?


im all for improvised weapons, and more 'unarmed' melee functionality, but first we need to spend more time ingame being unarmed or forced to melee with our guns (this was mentioned recently in a livestream, they could do more 'unarmed' stuff, but we dont spend a lot of time being unarmed, then they mentioned a new grineer that will steal our weapons)


until then, warframe already has dedicated melee, we dont need to be smacking grineer with our rifle buttstocks

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Frankly, I'd be perfectly fine with just cosmetic accessories for guns. We've already got mods that change how weapons behave, and you might love the look of a scope on your Latron but hate the increased zoom. If things like this were purely for show you could customize your weapon to show how it reflects you without having to worry about the stats each item has messing things up.


Some examples, using the Grineer "Sobek" shotgun as a base.


 - Suppressed Barrels
   - Two thick suppressors, one on each barrel. Slightly off-rotation in comparison to each other.
 - Extended Barrels
   - Suppressed and Extended are nearly the same length, but Extended is much slimmer, only the same thickness as default barrels.
 - Folding Stock
   - Similar to current stock in shape, but folded under trigger.
 - Solid Stock
   - Solid stock identical to default Karak stock.
These don't affect the performance of the weapon in any way. (While that doesn't entirely make sense in the case of the suppressors, Silence and Hush mods are easy-peasy to farm for, and plenty of people would be willing to suspend their disbelief at the gun still being hella-loud because of an installed elemental mod (such as explosive or incendiary shot.))
What they do allow you to do, however, is allow you to tell a story with your weapon, or simply to customize it to fit your personal tastes. Are you more of a fast-moving type who plays Zephyr? Slap a folding paratrooper stock on your Karak. Are you a tanky tank that wants a side-arm as beefy as your Rhino? Get one of those heavy compensators screwed onto the end of your Lex; while you're at it, stick a bipod on your Gorgon or Soma and fit the aforementioned bayonet on the end as well--I'm sure the Grineer have a wide variety to choose from. You prefer sniping? Get a high-powered aftermarket Corpus scope to replace that dainty little thing on your Lanka/Snipetron and put a good-luck charm from the Lotus on the stock (those cloth physics would come in real handy right about now)! The possibilities are endless when you think about it from a purely aesthetic standpoint!
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It doesn't have to be exactly like this, also we could consider your actual melee weapon as an extension of your arm and this as the extension of your weapon. My point with this idea is to get better utility out of primary weapon in the most fun way possible, what if you could kill an enemy by stabbing them through their chests and then fire as well like how megatron kill optimus in dark of the moon.

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I really shouldn't have to tell you why this will literally never work. The only way that primary and secondary weapons would get attachments that you can see is if they don't affect the stats. That's the only way the playerbase would accept them, that's the only reason DE would allow them. Cosmetic items that affect your stats for better or worse aren't being done anymore.

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