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Update Question From A New Player



Been playing a few months now, and was here for duration of update 14.


After seeing the obvious overpowered new frame I have to ask.


Have all frames that were released on an update like this been overpowered or is this the first time?


I know it's a "bug" so spare me. And don't mindlessly defend Mirage or the devs I don't wanna hear it. Just answer the question.

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Courtney Cox is the top-voted hottest lady alive on the planet with no competition at all, were previous actresses like that?


Yes I know it's "not really that way", don't bother pointing that out, and don't bother defending others against my bias, just answer the question.






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Mirage deals unbelievable damage yeah but she's also unbelievably squishy, never thought of her as OP and I don't particularly look for Mirages for anything when I'm hosting. It's like "It's fine if she's there but we could use more important, vital, frames instead".

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