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Alert And Invasions Since U14 (Noticeability)


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so finding alerts and invasions are totally different since u14, in u13 we could view the reward and see what the mod extra was but now we have to go find the alert or invasion in he solar map, theres no quick short cut like there used to be, my suggestion is that like the news system 



we have this interact panel can click the hotfix extra and it will link us to them, just like u13 






my suggestion is you add something like this for alerts and invasions, there is a perfect spot to 




the empty mirror point of the news node 


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This would be very helpful as the alerts on the solar map just disappear arfter a mission, dojo or just exiting the solar map (sometimes) so something permanent that won't disappear on me would be great.


No it doesn't run out of time, lotus talks to me and I have an hour to do this alert. I'll go do a mission or dojo and come back to the solar map and no alerts will be shown except for invasions.

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