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Update 14.1.0: Quanta & Dendra


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  • New Dendra Armor: Derived from Corpus protective technologies this armor will add even more energy flare to your Warframe!
  • New Quanta Weapon: Originally designed for mineral extraction on large asteroids, this tool has recently been adapted for deadly military purposes!
  • The Infested have further expanded on Eris! Introducing new Infested Rescue mission with new stakes! Also on Eris are brand new Defense and Mobile Defense maps, fight through Infested Corpus ships to defend your objectives!
  • With the return of Infested comes the return of Mutagen as a Rare drop to Eris!
  • Planet labels and Resource Icons have been added to the Solar Map and will appear on screen when hovering over nodes.
  • Added a minimap marker for downed Kubrow to help guide the revive efforts.



  • Altered the layout of certain Void extraction tiles so as to allow more Warframes to properly traverse designated wall run stretches.
  • Increased the tileset complexity of Void Survival tilesets so as to allow for more instances of multi-door tiles spawning.
  • Polished Infested Corpus tilesets.
  • Polished Rescue tilesets.
  • Tweaked the Ambient sound effects heard in Infested tilesets.
  • Tweaked a number of Kubrow animations.
  • The Kubrow ‘Dig’ ability has been altered so as to allow for both Health and Energy orbs to drop from a single usage of the ability, however this will only occur when the criteria for this event are met, i.e the owners health, energy, or ammo levels are low. Other loot will not be restricted by these criteria. In addition, any success chance over 100% will cause a second roll items, including Health/Energy orbs, to occur. Additionally, we’ve received clarification on the ‘Dig’ ability is as follows. The Dig ability generates items based on your needs at the time, and the amount of needed items increases as the mod is ranked. Which is to say, if you are low on health, the Dig ability will favour generating a Health orb at the time.
  • Slightly increased the frequency of Ordis general notification transmission.
  • Tweaked the Mission Success/Failure UI sound effects.
  • Tweaked a number of Kubrow sound effects.



  • Fixed multiple enemy spawning issues in the Void tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to host a lobby after playing a Dark Sector mission with a squad of over 2 players.
  • Fixed being unable to damage or hit Arc Traps with melee weapons.
  • Fixed (for real this time) an issue with the Chat menu automatically selecting the Trade channeling as the default after completing a mission.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Sector Mission Complete screens showing incorrect Warframe levels.
  • Fixed an issue with Infested Ancients getting stuck in certain art assets.
  • Fixed an issue with Detron piece drops using the incorrect item pickup model.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Clients seeing a Grineer Galleon when loading into a Void mission.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Finding Squad" message not disappearing when failing to find/join a Dark Sector mission.
  • Fixed an issue with the voting message not getting properly cleared when cancelling mission selection.
  • Fixed an issue with an unresponsive Squad overlay sometimes appearing when loading into a Dark Sector mission.
  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to scroll through the Mission Complete screen.
  • Fixed a number of map holes found in the Liset.
  • Fixed an issue with the loading spinner being misaligned when loading into a Dojo or Mission through a friend invite.
  • Fixed an issue with squad host no longer receiving game invites after entering a mission and then returning to their Liset.
  • Fixed issue where Matchmaking Preferences defaulted to ‘ALL’ when returning from missions, meaning unwanted users could join ‘Invite Only’ sessions and more.
  • Fixed an issue with Kubrow's not scaling in size correctly after performing a finisher.
  • Fixed an issue with Trinity's power icons appearing incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with Arc Traps targeting Kubrows and Sentinels. They should not be targeted moving forward.
  • Fixed an issue with other players being able to join Mastery Rank tests.
  • Fixed an issue with group mission persisting despite the Host of a squad electing to leave the squad via the pause menu.
  • Fixed a crash related to attempting to enter your Dojo.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple buttons on the Clan screen not working correctly when accessed via the Solar Map.
  • Fixed issue with progression on the Mirage ‘Hidden Messages’ quest if you already crafted the Chassis or already own a completed Mirage.


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