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Oxium, Way Too Rare For The Amount You Need To Make Things.


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To make Zephyr Chassis, Helmet, and Systems you need a whopping 600 Oxium (200 each) which is absolutely INSANE. 
The Titan Extractor uses 150, which is sort of fair, given what it does. But for a Warframe, 600 is just too far. I get 1-2 Oxium per drop. If I'm lucky, 5 per mission. 

300 Oxium - 30 plat
300 Polymer Bundle - 30 plat. 
I had over 1.8k Polymer Bundle last night from just doing random missions, not even farming them. 

This is about as fair as Kimbo Slice in UFC. 

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I hear Baal, Europa is a great spot for Oxium these days. I haven't farmed for it in a while, but I know how you feel. However, I think that's a bit of the point. I don't think it's meant to be something you can get in 15 minutes. On that same note, though, farming for a few hours straight might be a bit extreme. I guess it's something you would slowly work towards (little farming here and there) or pick up over a few days to a week.




Kappa is under Grineer control, and Nekros can't help you farm them. Please.

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