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Suggestion: Utility Items That Go Into A Weapon Slot


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I've been thinking about some way to increase the number of tactical options we have.


So, how about an item that goes into the Primary weapons spot (meaning that you'll be limited to firing pistol/melee) and can be deployed on the battlefield?


1. Automated turret - most games with an 'engineer class' have their turrets as some magical thing you summon.  Here it'll be carried into battle, set up and then you can run around with your sword slashing guys to little pieces.  Make it less powerful than a standard primary weapon (since you'll also be running around killing things yourself).


2. Crew served weapon - like the turret, you have to carry it, emplace it (with associated set up time) and you're basically immobile while using it (though you can abandon it temporarily if needed) but you have a heavy machine gun while its out.


3. Augmentation pack for the CSW - doesn't do anything on its own, but if you team up with a guy using the CSW then you can increase its firepower proportionally.  Drawback here is that not only do you lose a primary weapon (you should still be able to use a Secondary) but you have *two* players immobilized while using it.


4. Portable cover - Deployable shield generator (with limited shields that can be collapsed and need to recharge - just like 'frame shields) that will completely cover a crouched Tenno, cover a roughly 90 degree facing, and allow you to shoot through one side.  Use to provide protection to one of the above deployed guns or to block ranged fire on objectives from hard to get at spots, allowing you to better concentrate your forces.


4.  Repulsor - slows anyone approaching the item.


Pretty much all these reduce your mobility - you won't be using them on fast hit and run missions - but would be great for Defense or Survival.

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