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Game Freezes When Opening Navigation


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This is a problem I've had since before Update 12. Everytime I open the navigation screen, the game will freeze for 1-2 minutes and then unfreeze. I was hoping that Update 14 would fix this problem, but now I get stuck when I open the screen instead of getting stuck when I click on a planet.

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Bumping for late assistance: This right here stopped the freezing for those still having issues:




I have a similar problem even though my cores are already unparked. Whenever I start up my laptop, shot up Warfarm and go to navigation, it freezes then I must kill it in the task manager. After that the navigation never freezes and everything's fine but I have to do this after EVERY @(*()$ SINGLE DAMN BOOT. There are exceptions when it works fine though but that's very rare.

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This has starting to happen for me now too. U 15.15.1




I tried to fix this and I might have managed to do so by uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++. It gave me the option to fix the installation. I did this on all the versions installed on my system and now it doesnt crash anymore. Hope this helps for you too guys.




Apperently this didn't fix it. I switched audio devices. If i run the sound trough my Soundblaster Recon 3d (with the latest drivers, windows updates enz.) The game still crashes at the navigation screen. With my headset Logitech G430 this doesnt happen. I have to force close Warframe, and loose control over some of the functions in windows. Like changing the sound output divice for instance.

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