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Because Nothing Say New Weapon Like A Grind...


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Semiserious and jesting tenno here,

the new hotfix brought us the new Quanta (from the same producer of MUTUALYST, VANILLA QUANTA is our new brand... sorry what? Shouldn't be the other way around?)... putting aside the commercials, did you see the requirements? Yep. 35 neural sensors.


So, what I am asking here is how did you eat your Salad?

I did a clan farm on him... grabbed him by the ankles and proceeded to a cavity search...

let's say we stuffed ourselves with those sensors.

But ehh... It needed more oil. It was spicy, but it needed more oil.




We ate the damn Salad! And what about you?

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You meant it took 35 sensors for a ghost clan? Hardly contributing moon clan laughs at your pain.


It wasn't a pain at all. Even being a storm clan, we succeeded pretty quickly. I can only imagine (while smiling) the overkill falling over Salad V.

Tennos are hungry for more. And they like vegetables.

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