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Energy Channeling With The Silva Aegis Kills My Performance In 14.1


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This was not the case before. It goes from a stable 70-100 down(regional difference) to 20 or less and gets choppy as soon as I activate the channeling effect.

My PC is pretty good so this shouldn't happen, especially not to this extent!!!

It doesn't matter where I am for this to happen...but before 14.1. this was not an issue.


CPU: AMD A10 7850K
GPU: Geforce 750 Ti
RAM: 16GB 2400MHZ CL11
OS: Win 8.1
Harddrive: Crucial m.Sata 
Resolution: 2560x1080
Settings: Max.

Edit: Before anyone even gets the idea of telling me that my hardware is at fault...just don't. I know my machines' capabilities very well and don't need some uninformed person being all like "Hurr durr you need to upgrade X"...it's not the case for Warframe as this game runs well maxed out even without the 750 Ti installed just on the internal chip.

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