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Seekers Of The Void, Illuminating The Darkness For An Eternity


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Seekers of the Void is an alliance created by Deus Ex Tempus, one of the largest clans in the game.


This page is so YOU can join one of the clans in the alliance. At the moment you only have 2 choices (After we finish our alliance purge more options will be available) :



Deus Ex Tempus33dksxc.png(900+ members)https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/186921-deus-ex-tempus-recruiting-all-players-for-a-laid-back-clan-experience-1000-members/



Deus Ex Tempus Flame Deus-flame_zps55cd3a73.png(200+ members)https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/235075-deus-ex-tempus-flame-calling-all-tenno-for-a-laid-back-fun-and-helpful-clan-experience/



Deus Ex Tempus Lightning 8Rij5Hf.pngComing Soon!



We are currently in the process of purging the inactive clans in the alliance and making room for a 3rd clan for the Deus Ex Tempus franchise. This alliance is currently geared towards casual play but will focus on Dark Sectors once we feel it will be more rewarding to take part in.



Yes, the alliance emblem is a pentagram. 


Further editing of this page will be done in the near future with more details

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