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Sometimes, Wtfery Just Happens(Long Story)


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I was playing a nightmare mission on Venus with my 2 nearest and dearest allies, and at the beginning, all was going well. We had no shields, but I was Oberon, and they were Rhino and an immortal-build Valkyr. My internet, the local Corpus and Zanuka decided to stage a rather frightening ambush...


About 5 minutes into the mission, our Skype call goes dead-silent. We were just happily chattering, so the change startled and concerned me. "Hello? Hey, you guys there?" I get no response. Shortly thereafter, the screen blacks out for just a second, and my party display (which I had set to display) had seemingly reset. I hit z a few time, and it occurred to me that I had been dropped from the party. I was also using an experimental immortal build, so I decided to continue onwards solo. I tried to proceed, but at some point during my blackout, the corpus engaged lockdown. I walked to the side of the door, and began hacking a nearby console. Then things get worse. as soon as I touched the console, the screen flickered. I assumed it was just because I was hacking. I completed the hack, and then the lights flicker again. Zanuka sent me its traditional "..." warning message, and I readied for the fight to come. I drew out my Sybaris, switching from my AkLex, and waited. I waited only for seconds. It spawned in behind me, and lashed into me point-blank. I spun around, and fired off, but I was too slow. It teleported away, and the shots met only the wall. I spun around, and found her, firing off a volley of shots immediately all 6 shots met their mark, but did little damage. Zanuka charged into me, and laid me flat. I continued to fire rounds into the quadruped robot until Alad V announced his pleasure at her success. As is usual, I black out, and wake up on Themisto.


The rest proceeds almost exactly as it should. I take out the first guard bare-handed, despite him being level 37. The first weapon I retrieve is my Sybaris. I immediately draw it and begin my retaliation, taking out guards with no hesitation. A few rooms later, I recover my AkLex, and draw it, as it has a slightly higher rate of fire than my Sybaris, and guards are beginning to rush me. Slowly, I thin their numbers enough to proceed, and then I find my melee, a brand new Plasma Sword. It bore only Pressure Point and its stance for mods. Yet, as I began to incorporate it into my attacks, I noted something strange about the weapon... or rather, the way I was using it. Each swing had a little more finesse to it, a little more spin and twirl. I enjoyed this oddity, it made the swings look more fluid and relentless. I drew the weapon fully, and began trying to recall the combos to it. E+E, stall, E+E+E+E... That was the first combo I tried. He danced about in a familiar manner, seeming to barely touch the weapon, yet it basically swam around him, mauling the guard I was testing it on. On the final hit, he threw the weapon in front of him. The Plasma Sword was using Gleaming Talon. I reveled in this absurdly beautiful glitch, dancing about as if I were a Jedi until I finally found my frame's powers. This was good, as my health had taken some damage during the escape, and I was able to heal. The 3rd and fourth powers were greyed out despite my 150 energy. 3 Corpus enter the room unbeknownst to me, and open fire. I round a corner, and hit 2, expecting the floor to light up, and lay a trap for my attackers. Instead, I became cloaked. I ran forward, and hit 1, attempting to smite one of them. Instead, Oberon flings 2 lethal shuriken forward, quickly bleeding the enemies out. Relying on cloaking and stealth, I manage my way to extraction very confused and  slightly upset that I would never again fling my sword into enemies, watching it sail through one, and begin spinning into the hostile behind him.


Sometimes, games just treat me oddly...

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