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Chosen Of The Sun Recruitment Drive


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A new clan formed around Grandmaster Katmonster's shoulders is now open for new recruits.


The Chosen is a new player focused clan, if you are new to the game and wish to have some others to run with and get help from be Chosen! Contact Katmonster in game or reply to this thread if you are intrested,



No in house trade taxes for you or your buddies (there is of course still the standard one)

Help from an old fart who has been here for 18+ months.

No requirements to join (other than consider yourself new)

No need to supply materials for building the Dojo (unless you want to, unnecessary structures will remain unfunded for a time)

Looking to Expand past Ghost Clan in time,

A research station on every level of the Dojo, never be far from a place to get blueprints.

Warlord is more than happy to help with any mission or just generally give advice.

Custom sunburst clan emblem for your shoulder.



Small clan (currently 2 players)

We do have a general policy of courtesy and presence, being away for an extended time without informing Katmonster may result in expulsion from the Clan.

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