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Simple Void Drop Table Fixes


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Void drop table dilution is really bad right now. Really, really bad. Here's what I think could quickly alleviate this issue:


Void Survival/Defense rotating drop tables

Good idea, poor execution. You wind up getting a TON of the same crap, over and over. This is exactly the problem, and now it's only been made worse. The fix? Simple. Make the most common drop pool also be the one with the largest variety of loot. That way, when you play Survival, you're more likely to get something different every time.


Resources/Cores/Keys in the Void Drop table

If Keys are still Void rewards, please remove them. We already have places to get new keys (normal star chart survival), we don't need to go to the Void just to be able to go to the Void.


Resource as end-mission rewards are kinda crappy right now. One orokin cell isn't enough to justify hopping out of a mission. 5, perhaps even 10 would definitely be worth hopping out of a Defense/Survival mission (remember, these resources are competing with things like Loki Prime parts. Not to mention the fact that you can curb-stomp Sargas Ruk for Orokin cells much quicker than getting them through Void Defense).


Finally, Fusion Cores. Please, please, PLEASE remove the Uncommon cores as end-mission rewards. Keep in mind that even a single Rare 5 fusion core isn't enough to justify hopping out of a Void mission unless you're sure you're not going to make it to the next reward drop. Buffing the Rare 5 cores to always be packs of 5-10 would also increase satisfaction with end-mission rewards.


Resource/Mod Drops from Enemies

Please, please add more variety to the resource/mod pool of the Void (also, removing Sentinel precepts and Warframe abilities would also be great). People have to grind the Void a LOT to get the parts they need, and as a result, you get things like 100,000 Alloy Plates and 1000 Control Modules. This not only makes these resources worthless, but also frustrates the crap out of players who are sick of seeing the same resources/mods over and over and over again. Perhaps a rotating resource/mod pool would also alleviate this. The Void would be a great place to put the so-called "Uncommon" mods that tend to be rarer than the rarest Rare mods (I'm looking at you, Uncommon Polearm Stance!). Resources required to make things found from the Void would also alleviate frustrations about the Void (so for example, the Corrupted Ancients drop Alloy Plates/Neural Sensors/Neurodes, the Corrupted Corpus drop Circuits/Oxium/Control Modules, Corrupted Grineer drop Ferrite/Polymer Bundle/Rubedo, and all have a chance to drop Orokin Cells and Argon Crystals). This resource/mod rotation and increased variety will help solve the issues of "Ugh, all I'm getting is the same crap over and over!"


TL;DR Increasing variety/removing useless drops in the Void drop tables will solve the issue of "I went to the Void and kept getting the same crap over and over!"

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TL;DR - Your "crap" is pure gold to new players, it only becomes crap because you already have it. Once you have EVERYTHING then all drops are crap.


You do realize that ANY drop table, when it's been cycled by HUNDREDS of players will result with a ton load of even the rare drops being available to everyone, ESPECIALLY since you, with your narrow view, may not be able to see that in a FULL team, it will DROP FOUR TIMES.


Please give me a list of games where everyone gets the same copy of the rare things that works anywhere as close as Warframe, and maybe, just maybe, I'll make a better comment here then my usual "working as intended, move along".

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Buffing the Rare 5 cores to always be packs of 5-10 would also increase satisfaction with end-mission rewards.


T4 Surv.


Got 4 R5 packs in a row once. It was glorious since I need nothing but those now.

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