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Combo Move and Melee System Suggestions


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Hi ya,

There are several (countless) posts about it, but as i would like to explain my thoughts about it in a deeper fashion i thought it would justify a new thread.

I see a lot of potential in the whole melee thing of this game, at the moment it is rather basic, but hey, its beta, and beta is beta. https://forums.warfr...red/#entry17502

How about:

-Warframe specific combos


Loki turns invisible (power), starting a rather complex combo will send him flying around all enemies in a fixed area, slicing them to pieces (could be limited to a fixed amount of targets)

Loki swaps postition, a dash combo will send him flying through the air back towards his target with his sword pointing forward and hitting it with brutal force and impaling it into the gound

Loki deploys his decoy, a dash combo will send him flying towards his decoy, next could be a ranged attack combo engaging the taunted enemies with headshots

Loki disarms, how about a wirlwind style attack when the enemies are all around you?

Mag pulls a target, starting a combo will cause him to do some lightning fast sword hits on the target (something like Forward+Melee+Melee+Melee)

Excalibur powerjumps, landing on a target with his feet will throw the enemy to the ground, finishing him off with a sword strike. Powerjump>Crouch>melee, maybe change the power jump animation to a sommersault when locked on to a target... and the like.

Well, here is another one for Excalibur, hes announced as a swordsman type of warframe, how about you give him a real sword (Katana style curved sword with a tsuba and maybe even in a saya) and not these sharpend pointy straight sticks, and make him wear it properly on the left side of the body, curve pointing upwards. You could make him do Iaijutsu moves

which should easily be comboable:

first melee attack: draw and onehanded horizontal cut to the right

2nd attack: twohanded downward blow

3rd attack: twohanded blow top left to low right

sheathing the sword properly or continue attacking

different "katas" for standing and crouching stance would be cool as well

-New Moves in combos

Like grappling, kicking or punshing


To me, Rhino would be a punsher, melee+melee+melee would do a quick sword/fist/sword combo

Loki would be a Ju-Jitsu/ Aikido style grappler, as his powers make him close in easily, Melee+Backwards+backwards+Melee+Melee would throw an enemy over your shoulder, finishing him off with a fist or sword attack.

-Affinity/ Skills

one could even think off affinity/skill based combos, like you have to unlock certain moves, or improve on them, like "hit more targets" or "hit more often"

-Combos in Gameplay context

At the moment melee combat is used for fun or to conserve ammo, if the ammo carried or found would be reduced and combo kill speed would be high enough the game would keep a balance.Another idea would be to make certain enemies more vulnearable to combos/melee attacks, or close-to-immune to ranged attacks. (lower ranged weapon dmg and higher melee dmg compared to now)ya, enuff writing for now, need to get some components 3:DSee you in Space, Cowboy

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Being a big fighting game fan I'm totally for combos, even better going on that whole Guild Wars 2 thing or Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3's cross-ups why not let players combo off each other's moves?

We all know Warframe takes from games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, God Hand, Mad World, Anarchy Reigns, etc. Where's the combo meter?

Very creative ideas for those combos, might be hard to actually implement but yeah Warframe need some ideas to flesh out the combat system so good stuff.

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