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Naginata And Its Dragon Version


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Hey, Tenno. Here's a weapon idea of mine. I would like to see Naginata in Warframe (for ppl who do not know what is Naginata http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naginata). Other than that, I see the potential to introduce the Spear stance mod for this weapon (although it's actually a polearm). So I opened this topic to let us discuss aout it. If anyone interested in making art or any suggestion, feel free to do it, I will add it into this post.


- High Slash damage

- Mediocre Puncture damage

- Large attack range

- Hit multiple enemies per strike

- Look awesome and badass


- Slow wielding speed

- Hard to craft ( Argon crystal needed?)

- Low Impact damage

- Low critical chance?


Impact 3.0

Slash 38.2

Puncture 18.3

C.chance 10.0%

C.damage 180.0%

Status chance 10.0%

Dragon Naginata

After some thought, I think Naginata shall follow the step of NIkana, it has Dragon version. Dragon Naginata have the dragon "ornament" at the end of its handle. With long and sleder red handle. Its blade is black and gold in colour. Similar to the Dragon NIkana, Dragon Naginata need rank 8 to build and is one of the strongest melee weapon but lower its speed and Critical chance.

D. Naginata's Stats

Impact 2.7

Slash 76.4

Puncture 20.0

C.chance 8.5%

C.damage 180.0%

Status chance 10.0%


(I dun own this image) This is the example of the Naginata.


I had posted this idea long time ago in my another Dark Sector tread. After some modification, I moved him away from D.Sector but to Orokin Derelict. Oni is the stalker of the OD, once the greatest general during the Old War. But after the betrayal of the Tennos and the triumph of the Sentient, he retreated into hollow ship that lurking in the empty void. Now a souless phantom that haunt the Derelict and the guardian of the Orokin ruins.


He look like a giant samurai with cybernetics warframish armour. He is a master of Naginata and his attack deals high damage.Upon death he may drops Naginata BP, Naginata blade, Naginata handle and various useful rare mods. Similar to Stalker, player has a rare chance(0.3%) to encounter him. More player increase the chance, open the vault also increase the probability to meet him. (Due to the effect of key, he may hard to be killed)

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