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Test Server Needed


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After all the negative feedback about the current patch its clear that many things need to be fixed and changed. And with a major update like this that is somewhat accepted, but that can be greatly decreased with a test server. Yes im sure DE has their own test server in the office, what they really need is one for player feedback. Many large and successful games have test servers for the players either public, application required, invite only, or random opportunity. Some of these servers are not even 24/7 and they only turn them on when a large update is planed. Now DE might be a great bug tester and all that but when it comes to the direction and style of the game wouldn't you want the target market to be more pleased with the end result of this.



I'm not saying a test server would of made people love this UI and stuff, but it would of gave DE a heads up they might be going the wrong way before this was forced down our throats.


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