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Where Can I Level Now?



Dark sectors are no longer a good way to level. If I manage to find a group, they don't stay long. The credit tax places on the most popular place has made people all but lose interest. I rarely find groups. I can no longer level my warframe or weapons as easily as I used to. Hurts when I forma something and I can't get it back up to speed quickly or easily.


So, I need a new way to level. What is the best way to level my stuff now? I usually take either a warframe or weapon that does high damage so I can level while being of use in some way. So, what now since dark sectors are no longer the best way?

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Dark Sector Survial on Tikal, 15+ theres hordes of parastic eximus etc, literally hordes, most of the mobs at that point are eximus, then keep on killing them till you are forced to leave. Each horde gives a few thousand XP. Since each eximus gives a vast amount of XP. I wont bring a energy warframe that needs enegry vitaly. For that type of leveling

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The old way before dark sector easy mode was mid-high level mobile defense.


Start off with lower level survival when stuff is brand new for a run, then move on.  Although moderate level interception with the number of enemies in a fairly short period of time might be good now as well.


To be honest it needed to be fixed.  Places like Sechura made the game a joke when it game to leveling gear.

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Dark Sectors are convenient, but are absolutely not the 'best' way. Survival arguably could have been, but only once you approach and exceed 30 minutes.

'best' being perceived as getting the most XP in the duration of your Mission. which Corrupted or Grineer would normally blow out of the water.



anyways, why not play a few lower Level Missions so you can use the leveling item decently in a 'normal' mission? that way it has some basic Mods on it and is usable.


if you want to level it on your back, just do anything that encounters a lot of Enemies. since anything that has a lot of Enemies encountered gets a lot of XP.



Mobile defense/defense/survival/interception on a node you like.

pretty much sums it up. fight a lot of Enemies, get a lot of XP. it's extremely simple.

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