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Mission Completed, And Then Respawned At The Starting Point


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the bug occured after the extraction point is reached.


here is how to reproduce:

when the mission rewards window appeared, press esc.

it will look like this. the reward window is gone.




after that, you will be respawned in the starting point of the mission without HUD.

no destination point, no objectives.


(fyi: my UI in screenshot option is enabled)


then if you try to abort mission,



this forces me to use alt+f4.


ps. maybe i can go to the extraction point again to get out of the mission, but i haven't tried that yet.

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Dude i just had the exact same problem as seen in this Screen Shot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293824730    Im going to assume its a problem with the earth tile set because it happened to me in the exact same tile set as you.  



Added: Did you get put into the death screen with the options of Revive or forfeit aswell?

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