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Looking For A Highly Active Clan. Can Be Any Size, But Mountain/moon Is Preferred.


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I've played Warframe almost daily for the past year and a half and I donate more resources/credits than most of the people in my current clan. I'm MR15, and only 11k points away from my MR16 test.

I'm looking to find a more active clan where I don't feel like a big fish in a small pond. The bigger the better, More people means more potential friends. I'm not specifically looking for a hardcore clan, but I'd still be happy to join one. 


If you want to recruit me, there are 2 things you need to know first. 

1) You've made a very good choice. 

2) I'm still in my current clan, so leave me a message here or PM me in game beforehand and I'll leave my current clan so that you can invite me. 

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Hey, if it's not too late, my clan is still open for more members. I've disbanded a lot of the old inactive members, but now I'm looking for more active players. We're looking to just be a small clan (Shadow size), but we want to be strong. My highest conclave is almost 2k, just in case it would bother you if the warlord is weaker than you are.


We're also part of a big alliance, so we're looking to kick some other alliances around soon!


PM me if you're interested!

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