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Rare Mods & Prime Parts For Sale/trade (Updated)

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Akbronco Prime Link - 25p

Akbronco Prime BP x9 - 10p

Boar Prime Set - 30p

Boltor Prime Barrel - 15p

Boltor Prime Receiver - 5p

Bo Prime Bp - 20p

Bronco Prime BP x5 - 5p

Bronco Prime Receiver - 15p

Burston Prime Barrel x5 - 10p

Dakra Prime Blade x2 - 10p (each)

Fang Prime Blade x2 - 5p (each)

Glaive Prime BP - 10p

Latron Prime Receiver x6 - 5p (each)

Latron Prime Set x2 - 20p

Lex Prime Barrel x7 - 6p (each)

Orthos Prime BP - 5p

Reaper Prime BP x5 - 6p

Sicarus Prime Set - 20p

Reaper Prime Set x2 - 25p


Barrel Diffusion - 17p

Coolant Leak - 10p

Critical Delay - 12p

Flow - 10p

Hell's Chamber - 10p

Intensify - 10p

Magnum Force - 15p

Master Thief - 10p

Narrow Minded - 25p

Pistol Ammo Mutation - 15p

Quick Thinking - 25p

Rage - 10p

Split Chamber - 15p

Spoiled Strike - 7p

Stormbringer - 10p

Vigor - 10p

Whirlwind - 30p


Corrosive Projection - 10p

Enemy Radar - 8p

Energy Siphon - 15p

Loot Detector - 10p

Physique - 5p

Pistol Scavenger - 5p

Rejuvenation - 10p

Rifle Amp - 15p

Shield Disruption - 5p

Shotgun Scavenger - 5p

Steel Charge - 10p


Bleeding Willow x3 - 20p

Coiling Viper x2 - 10p

Cleaving Whirlwind - 20p

Crossing Snakes - 20p

Decisive Judgement - 20p

Iron Phoenix - 10p

Stalking Fan - 20p

I'm also willing to trade. I'm Looking for:

Bo Prime Handle

PM me on here or on PSN if you are interested :)

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I'd like to buy whirlwind if you still have it:) I'll be on 6-10pm cst tomorrow and friday, if that doesn't work I'll be on all weekend pretty much 10am-midnight

Yeah I still have it, ok no worries I'll be on pretty much all weekend aswell, I'll try get it you ASAP :)
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very interested in your blind rage, heavy caliber, and spoiled strike.


also, i think i have the loki prime helmet and am more than willing to work it into the trade. I'll have to check when i get home because i'm at work right now.


PSN = Nen_Rx and I'm usually online between 6pm and 2am Pacific Time (US).


Feel free to reply to me here or on PSN as I can check the message on my app.

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