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Trading Prime Parts For Prime Parts

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Parts I'm looking for:

Ember Prime Blueprint

Ember Prime Systems

Glaive Prime Blueprint

Glaive Prime Blade



Parts I've got to trade:

x2 Akbronco Blueprint

x2 Ankyros Prime Gauntlet

x2 Boltor Prime Barrel

x6 Boltor Prime Stock

x1 Braton Prime Blueprint

x1 Braton Prime Stock

x1 Bronco Prime Blueprint

x1 Bronco Prime Receiver

x1 Burston Prime Barrel

x1 Burston Prime Stock

x1 Dakra Prime Blade

x4 Dakra Prime Blueprint

x2 Dakra Prime Handle

x2 Fang Prime Blueprint

x4 Fang Prime Handle

x2 Frost Prime Blueprint

x1 Frost Prime Chassis

x2 Frost Prime Helmet

x1 Frost Prime Systems

x1 Glaive Prime Disc

x3 Latron Prime Blueprint

x3 Latron Prime Stock

x1 Orthos Prime Blade

x4 Orthos Prime Blueprint

x1 Orthos Prime Handle

x3 Paris Prime Blueprint

x5 Paris Prime Grip

x5 Paris Prime Lower Limb

x2 Paris Prime String

x2 Paris Prime Upper Limb

x2 Reaper Prime Handle

x1 Rhino Prime Systems

x1 Sicarus Prime Barrel


Message on here if you want to trade, or in-game, or add me and message me later if I'm not on. My schedule is generally pretty inconsistent, so I can't guarantee I'll be on and see any in-game messages.

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