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Update 14.0 And Hotfix 14.0.11 Xbox 360 Controller.


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Update 14.0 and XBOX 360 Controller.

Hi guys i just wana report some problems that i m having with this Update 14.0 and the Hotfix 14.0.11

with My Xbox 360 Controller.

SUPER IMPORTANT: I was eable to accept squadron invites pressing just one button until Hotfix 14.0.11
because the Accept window is now below the ESC Menu.  and i Cant move Lefth to Select Accept button..

When i get an invite... I press Down in the ESC Menu until i m the two button option of accepting the squadron invite, but the only button i can select and press is the Cancel one, i cant use the pad to select the Accept one, its only one move lefth.. but i cant do it.

Second, I have my Custom configuration of Buttons for this game... but every single time that i login in to the Game, my Configuration of Buttons is Reset  And if is not, the Lefth Bumper its just useless until  I bind hem again.

Third I cant not move Up and Down or side by side to select Items on the Menus of the Forge, Mods and Market Just in the CODEX  and ARSENAL its where the movements and Selections works just fine.


In the the Other menus i can not do this, i only can used the Right bump to select tags, but thats all.. its kinda funny because if works in the Codex... i dont know why is not with the other ones... its bascly the same.. (I m Just Guessing)


Also in the Main menu I cant select the Matchmaking button and Invite Players to a squadron... (I never could do this in the old version) but i have to give it a try... lol

Thanx Guys! Keep your owesome WORK! (Sorry for my english)

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